I Can And Will Shoot: Terminator Salvation Toys Make You Look Like A Killer Robot

February 17, 2009

terminator crap 1.jpg

Want to look like a Terminator? Well I shoot to kill, just sayin'. Apparently this Terminator Salvation toy features a fist that shoots off to hurt your enemies. It costs $74. Which is pretty steep considering you're going to lose the fist, rendering your Terminator arm stupid. Hit the jump for two more toys, a voice-changing Terminator helmet ($74) that has red glowing eyes, and some pieces of plastic that look like metal that you strap to your face ($21). Note: Wearing either of which will get you BB'ed in the neck if you walk by my house at night. Jesus, whatever happened to kids playing with good old fashioned toys? Like matches.

Hit it for the other two.

terminator crap 2.jpg

terminator crap 3.jpg

Wearable Terminator Salvation Toys

Thanks to Cosmic Rocket Man, who blasted off and never came back. We miss you, Cosmic.

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