Playmobil Toy Founder Dies At 79

February 3, 2009


Hans Beck, the founder of the German toy manufacturer Playmobil, has passed away. He was 79.

"No horror, no superficial violence, not short-lived trends," was Beck's motto, and some 2.2 billion dolls later, the range is the foundation of the company's prosperity and is exported to 70 nations.

The company grew to a payroll of nearly 3,000 and had sales last year of 452 million euros ($588 million).

I definitely played with Playmobil when I was a kid, and may or may not still stage Playmobil vs LEGO battles. So what if I do? Awesome, that's what.

R.I.P. Hans

Hit the jump for a pretty sweet airport-security Playmobil set I've got my eye on.


Hans Beck, Father of Playmobil Toys, Dies at 79 [dw-world]

Thanks to Sarahj and Romeo, who are more than welcome to join me for this week's epic LEGO castle vs Playmobil pirate battle.

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