Music Video: I Never Thought I'd Be On A Boat

February 12, 2009

NOTE: Video is clean version but still has lots of bleeping out since every other word is a bad one. Watch at full volume.

This is the latest from The Lonely Island, the SNL crew that made a music album. The song, I'm On A Boat, is about being on a boat. Which *yawn* is nothing special if you're a pirate captain like me. Screw your boat, I'm on a ship, bitches.

I'm on a ship, I'm on a ship, I'm on a pirate ship

You best swab my deck or I'll fish-hook that lip
I got cannons -- I've got an anchor too
Come pillage with me on the ocean blue

I'm on a ship, I'm on a ship, I'm on a pirate ship
I gots a wooden leg, bitch, I walk with a limp
We gettin' treasure -- and that booty too
I pop my pistol "YAAAAR!" while I'm aiming at you

And that, my friends, is how it's done. Now where do I sign for the record deal?

Clean Version [youtube]
Uncensored Version

Thanks to Jon, who is more than welcome to come sail away with me, Styx style.

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