Ooh, Monster-y: 'Frankenstein Steampunk' PC

February 19, 2009

frank 1.jpg

This is a steampunk computer affectionately known by its creater Dana Mattocks as 'Frankenstein Steampunk'. Personally, I would have named it Frankensteam or Steamenstein, but that's just me, and I'm awesome as hell. Except way cooler. HIYO!

The first thing you notice about this mod is its size--it's 8 feet tall, and weighs over 400 pounds. The project apparently took a year to complete, and it shows. Not opportunity for modification is pass up, with everything from the power button (a discreet brass valve) to the air intake (an old church floor vent) gets a neo-Victorian overhaul.

Good looking, Dana. Say, while you're on the classic literature kick, how about a Dracula model? It could look like a casket or something. Can you tell the creative juices are flowing this morning? They are, my shirt is soaked. Oh, false alarm -- I'm just dribbling milk. This cereal is being tricky.

Hit the jump for some worthwhile closeups of the craftsmanship.

frank 2.jpg

frank 3.jpg

frank 4.jpg

'Steampunk Frankenstein' PC Is Awesome Enough To Excuse Being Steampunk In The First Place [gizmodo]

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