It's A Little Early: Hole-y Halloween Costume

February 26, 2009

hole 1.jpg

It's never too early to start planning your next Halloween costume. In fact, I've got my costumes planned through 2016: Link, Link, Link, a Goron, a Zora, Link, a pirate, Dracula. Awh yeah, baby. But if you want to go as a guy with a wig on and a hole through his gut, go for it. All you need is a little LCD screen and video camera.

By using a travel DVD player strapped to my stomach, with video coming from a digital camera strapped to my back, it creates the illusion that I have a very large hole in my stomach.

Flickr user 'evanbooth', the creator, calls the costume the 'The Gaping Hole'. Which, ironically, is what I call the ex. *swish* Count it!

Hit the jump for a picture of the actual setup.

hole 2.jpg

Freak out your friends with the Gaping Hole Costume [newlaunches]

Thanks to Richie-Con-Carnie, who tastes great with cornbread.

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