I Like: Sesame Street Duct Tape Wallets

February 27, 2009

sesame wallets.jpg

These are duct tape wallets made to look like Sesame Street characters. As you can see, there's Burt, Ernie, the Count, the homoerotic ticklish one, that crazy cooking eating bitch, and the angry bastard that lives in a homeless dome.

Each have a character on the front, with 6 slots for your cards (each can fit 2 or 3 cards) and a pocket for your money and reciepts. At $13 each plus $3 for shipping, it's not a bad price.

As cool as it would be to whip one of these mama-jamas out on a first date, I always let the lady pay for dinner. And, if she's lucky, I'll take care of dessert. Ice cream cake, baby -- love that shit!

Sesame Street Duct Tape Wallets [wallethacker]

Thanks to Hatch, who was made famous for his role in LOST.

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