How Romantic: Man Proposes At LEGOLAND

February 25, 2009

lego marriage.jpg

So some guy proposed to his girlfriend at LEGOLAND in Las Vegas, apparently because every other place in Vegas was too crowded. With hookers. Crowded with hookers. *booking flight*

Cobb proposed to Williams with the help of a "Lacey Will You Marry Me?" sign hand-crafted by one of the park's master model builders and displayed as a part of "The Strip" Lego site.

"I wanted to do something special," Cobb said, "and this idea just popped into my head one day."

Unfortunately, Williams walked right past the sign, which was mounted on a mini replica of Paris' Eiffel Tower and decorated with two four-inch bride and groom models of the couple - twice - before Cobb got down on one knee.

That's romantic as shit, Cobb, good looking. And you know what they say: a couple that LEGO's together, eventually winds up experimenting with them in the bedroom and having to make a late night visit to the ER. Medical bills, folks, I have them.

Fort Collins man proposes at Legoland

Thanks to Aaron, who proposed to his girlfriend at Six Flags like a normal person.

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