Guy Makes Realistic Bioshock Syringe

February 27, 2009

bioshock syringe 3.jpg

Harrison Krix, the same guy that made the realistic Portal gun for his girlfriend has gone and made himself an ADAM syringe from Bioshock. Krix is a prop designer by trade, so it comes as no surprise he loves making this sort of thing.

Krix started with the pump and handle of the syringe, which he noted was modeled in the game after 1920's era gasoline pumps. Guess there are a lot of old-timey gasoline scraps lying around Atlanta, because Krix found his own pump, circa 1926, to use in his project. After that, he found a glass container to hold his "ADAM," added a cap to the end of the handle, and then stuck on the needle, which he built from a foot-long piece of PVC.

From there, he built some LED lights into the ADAM chamber to give his ADAM (which he made with red dye, hairgel and water) that freshly-harvested-from-human-flesh glow. For the piece de resistance, he attached a baby bottle nipple to the ADAM chamber, so you can pretend to drink the ADAM just like a Little Sister would. After that, it was just a matter of adding weathering effects to make the thing look like it'd been around the block of a failed underwater utopia.

I'd drink from it. Krix does commission work too so check out his blog if you're interested in him making you something. I'm already requested a Master Sword and Triforce though, so it may take him a while to get to your project. And speaking of which: I really don't feel safe when I come to visit, you should move.

Hit the jump for several more shots(!) of the awesome.

UPDATE: ZOMG, he already made a Master Sword, along with Hylean shield and Midna's helmet! Go here to check them out.

bioshock syringe.jpg

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Volpin Props
Replica BioShock Syringe Is Eerily Realistic [escapist]

Thanks to Joseph, who once punched a Big Daddy in the face and lived to run like 10 feet before it killed him.

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