Green Palm: LG Releasing Solar Cell Phone

February 17, 2009

solar phone.jpg

LG is planning on dropping a solar-powered cell phone on the mobile communications market so you'll no longer need a wall charger to power your communication device. You just need a sunny park bench, a loaf of bread, and a flock of trained pigeons. BAM -- did my level of greenness just make your head explode? No? Okay, try this one on for size -- you tie a message to a kite, and fly it to whoever you want to communicate with. Then they follow the string back to you and you have a good 'ol face to face. You know, like they used to do in the olden days before Western Union invented horses. LG claims ten minutes in the sun will net you a three minute call. But not a butterfly! I'm not high, you're high!

Living Green: LG unveils solar-powered cell phone [dvice]

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