Finally, Zelda II Has Been Translated To Latin

February 11, 2009


Somebody went and translated all of Zelda II into Latin for the three people out there that might actually play it that way. They also did the original Zelda and Final Fantasy VI. Whee. As many of you may know, Zelda II is a sore subject for me because it's the only game in the entire series I haven't beat. And believe me, I've tried. I fire that sucker up and play through it at least twice a year AND STILL CAN'T DEFEAT THE LAST PALACE. So, anybody want to come over and beat it for me while I watch? The game too. HIYO!

Hit the jump for some more screenshots of the translated games.








Zelda II, completely translated to Latin

Thanks to Ryan and c, who have allegedly beat Zelda II but are lying their faces off.

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