Do It Yourself: Pac-Man Motorcycle Helmet

February 19, 2009

pac helmet 1.jpg

Let's face it, every motorcyclist wishes they could cruise down the street looking like Pac-Man is eating their face. Well loyal Geekologist MMach made the dream a reality when he painted his helmet to look like the icon character. But instead of munching dots, now he munches the dotted line. But not the double solid, that would be dangerous.

I'm not quite sure if this has use on your blog, but I find it quite funny, albeit a bit geeky. Months ago, I bought a new helmet, and I got this idea for my old helmet. I decided it would look great to paint it like pacman. And I have to say, I like the look of it. :)

I like it too. Smart decision, MMach. Reduce, repaint, recycle. I would totally make one except I don't have a motorcycle or motorcycle helmet. But I do wear a crash helmet when my dad pulls me around in the wagon. So I may paint that. One time we crashed and I rolled into a storm sewer. I made friends with a dead raccoon down there. I poked Stripey in the eye with a stick.

Hit the jump for some before and after action.

pac helmet 2.jpg

pac helmet 3.jpg

pac helmet 4.jpg

pac helmet 5.jpg

pac helmet 6.jpg

pac helmet 7.jpg

Thanks MMach, now let's go munch some asphalt.

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