Craft Time: More Custom Painted XBox 360's

February 11, 2009


We last saw painter ricepuppet's work when he painted the wickedly good looking Domo-kun (that lovable brown man-eating turd) XBox 360. Well now he's back at it, this time with a Hello Kitty 360, and several others. Trying to get your girl into gaming? Try a custom painted XBox 360 from ricepuppet! Trying to get your girl into bed? Try something like "princess, I would rescue you even if it meant searching another castle"*. And, if that doesn't work, "FIRE!!"

Hit the jump for more Kitty, Sonic, Halo, and Chocobo 360's.

*Up to four. Four castles is my limit.






Ricepuppet's Deviantart Gallery

Thanks to Julian, who painted his Dreamcast with Powerstone characters, and ricepuppet himself, the man behind the paint. But not the airplane glue -- that's me!

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