Blinkity Blink Blink: Tokyoflash's Heko

February 3, 2009


Well folks, Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching, and we all know what that means: sitting home alone, sobbing into the bra you stole from your last girlfriend. Alternatively, going out to the bar with the intention of scoring a lonely lady but getting far too drunk and making out with the touchscreen game. God, has it really been a year? Anyway, Tokyoflash's latest: the Heko. Get one for your girlfriend. Then take it back from her when she doesn't wear it. Ah, love.

Hours are presented on the upper screen. The hours three, six, nine and twelve in the same positions as on a clock face. Hours one and two are in between, a combination of lit LEDs show the hour.

Minutes are presented on the center and lower screens. The lower screen shows zero, fifteen, thirty and forty-five minutes in the same position as on a clock face, the LEDs in between show five minutes each. The central screen presents four single minutes, a combination of lit LEDs show the minutes.

Hekos are available now for $109 and come in blue, white, or multi-colored LEDs. Personally, I like the multi, because I'm funky fresh. Okay, funky ripe. I should shower but I want to build up my natural pheromones to attract the ladies. Ladies? RAWR! Haha, pet panther -- sorry about your face.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a link to the product page.




Product Site

Thanks to Julian, who's going to spend Valentine's the way cupid intended -- bow hunting.

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