Beats From The Dark Side: AT-AT Boombox

February 23, 2009

at boom 1.jpg

I have no more information on this thing except it looks like a functional boombox in the form factor of an AT-AT. Really makes me want to throw down a piece of cardboard and break. That's breakdance for those of you not in the know. Uh, wicka-pow! You see that move? That was fresh, was it not? So fresh. And these beats -- it's like they were harvested from the beat-bush this morning. Quick, somebody drop one for me!

My name is Geekologie and I am full of knowledge-y

I drop the learnin' like a hookers box the burnin'
Actually, I'm feeling a little burny myself right now
Hold that beat while I find my ointment.

I know, I am the freshest. Seriously, check my expiration date. Haha, that's right -- I don't have one! I scratched it out with a car key because I expired a week ago. I'm getting rancid. Quick, drink me anyways! You puked didn't you? Haha, told you I was rancid. Now one more sip. DO IT!

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups of the awesomeness.

at boom 2.jpg

at boom 3.jpg

at boom 4.jpg

at boom 5.jpg

AT-AT Boom Box [zen77990]

Thanks to Tank, who has destroyed many an AT-AT with his massive cannon. PEW PEW! And Doverish, who salvaged the scrap metal.

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