Batwoman Is Back And Lesbian-er Than Ever

February 13, 2009


After 30 years, Batwoman is back on the prowl. As a redhead! And a lesbian! YOW YOW!

Billed as a 'lesbian socialite by night and a crime-fighter by later in the night', she replaces Batman, who was himself killed off in a recent issue of Detective Comics, the publication which introduced him to the world back in 1937.

Batwoman - the alter ego of Kathy Kane - is clad in a figure-hugging black outfit and knee-high red stiletto boots. She is the comic's first openly gay superhero.

She was originally invented as a love interest for Batman and first appeared in her present present incarnation two years ago, sparking a slew of publicity about her sexuality. However, her outings to date have been sporadic and this is the first time she will be the lead character in the comic.

Well it's about time. After all, gays are superheroes too. Am I right? Damn yeah I am. Also, I demand a Batwoman movie be made. With kissing, looooots of kissing. Mwah XOXOX kissey mwah mwah XOXOXO kissey kissey. Oh yeah, that's the stuff romance novels are made of.

Holy Smoke! Batwoman makes her comic book comeback as red-headed lesbian

Thanks to Allison, who could whip Batwoman's ass in a catfight, claws down.

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