The Last 867-5309 Number For Sale On eBay

February 3, 2009


'867-5309/Jenny' is a song by Tommy Tutone that will now be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Great. And allegedly the last 867-5309 telephone number in the US is up for auction -- with current bidding at almost $500,000! Wow!

Phone: (201) 867-5309

This is one of the LAST remaining 867-5309 numbers in service. Receives between 8,000-10,000 Calls Per Year!!

***Many callers have informed me that I'm one of the only remaining 867-5309 numbers in service after attempting every area code in the US.***

Number is registered with Vonage (internet) phone company and is easily transferred with a simple modem that I will mail to you. All of the account transfer details are done easily online.

Works Anywhere in the US !!

You know what other number works anywhere in the US? Mine. Call me. Or, if you have a raspy man-voice, text.

eBay Auction

Thanks to Jason, who can be reached day or night at (555) 972-6465.

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