5 Minute Video Made From 6,000 Paintings

February 20, 2009

This five minute video was made by Reza Dolatabadi as his graduate film in college. It took over two years to complete and is comprised of 6,000 individual paintings shown at a rate of 20 per second. Freaking amazing. Granted, not as amazing as writing 3,003 posts on Geekologie, but still, valiant effort, Reza.

6,000 Separate Paintings... [theatlantic]

Thanks to Mark, who was going to make a movie out of a million paintings but lost them all in a house fire. So sad.

  • WillyPs

    The moral of the story is that we are all prisoners of our own minds. To escape our prisons we have made for ourselves, we must dig in the floor. With a spoon. And smite our demons by injecting them with a syringe filled with bacon flavoring. Artificial bacon flavoring. Nasty. Then we can run naked in a field of golden wheat. Then, and only then can we release ours selves from our prisons we create in our minds, and go back to being prisoners of our offices.

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