WTF!: The World Thorium Fuel Vehicle

January 16, 2009


The Cadillac WTF is a conceptual car by designer Loren Kulesus that runs on Thorium, a possible alternative nuclear fuel to uranium. You know, because there's nothing like driving a car packed with radioactive metal to keep you under the speed limit. Just kidding, I'd speed anyways. And glow! Did anybody else think that picture was real at first? No? Me neither then. I spotted that rendering from a mile away. Hawkeyes they call me. Well, hawkeye. F***ing falcon.

Hit the jump for several more renderings, all of which reminded me of the DeLorean from Back To The Future because 1. they look nothing like it and B. I'm still hoping to do a dinosaur. What? No, I didn't stay up all night drinking. Funny story: I stayed up drinking all night.






World Thorium Fuel Vehicle [coroflot]

Thanks to Doverish, who still gets his radioactive fuel the old fashioned way: by stealing it from Libyan terrorists.

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