Wow, That's Devotion: An X-Box 360 Room

January 5, 2009

Some guy went and decked out his rumpus room XBox 360 style. It has everything an XBox fan would need to game their life away, including, and pretty much limited to: an Xbox 360, green paint, and a mini-fridge.

This is my Xbox 360 Room I have been working on.

TV, Xbox 360, TV Table, Surround Sound=$3000
Led's,Led Driver,Led Dimming switch = $ 170
Rug at a Department Store = $ 120
Mini Fridge = $ 108
Chairs at a Department Store = $ 100
The floor I found on closeout
I installed myself = $ 85
painted the walls and logos myself = $ 80
painted and etched the glass tables = $ 10
Playing Xbox 360 in green glow = Priceless

Wow. That's....something. Something totally freaking awesome! Oh, and you may have already seen this, as it's pretty old. So good for you if you have. You should probably be writing Geekologie. Unfortunately, I'm the one with the internet face. Better luck next time, you handsome devil you!


Thanks to Manwai, who was going to build a PS3 room but decided on a pool instead.

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