What Did I Just Type?: A Klingon Keyboard

January 14, 2009


Want to make sure nobody in the office steals your keyboard? Well how about a Klingon one?

This exclusive Klingon language keyboard is based on the best selling G83-6000 series keyboards from Cherry.

It is a good quality keyboard with 105 keys, PS/2 connection and is available currently in black. This keyboard will be available for delivery from mid November, but demand for this limited edition is high so reserve yours now to be the first with this exclusive model.

"Good quality", pfft, that's marketing speak for piece of shit. Why do I get the feeling somebody got a great deal on a bunch of old keyboards and retrofitted them with Klingon keys? Right, because that's exactly what happened. Get your today for about $65. Thankfully, I got mine yesterday. jIH 'oH tlhIngan chugh SoH Har wIj nach 'oH qab SoH ghajbe' leghpu' wIj penis!

Klingon Keyboard: for serious Trekkies only [dvice]
Klingon Translator (in case you need help translating)

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