Uh, I've Got The Feeling This Is Illegal: How To Hack Those Programmable Road Signs

January 22, 2009


Ever wanted to put your own message on one of those portable road signs along the highway? Well now you can with just a little tampering and a whole lot of illegal! Unfortunately, because many children read this website, you'll have to follow the link after the jump to find out how. I'll admit, I gave it a go myself, and it does actually work. Although I did get busted. In hindsight, standing next to the "SHOW ME YOUR TITS" sign with a Motorists Gone Wild t-shirt and video camera probably wasn't the smartest decision I've ever made. But definitely top five.

Hit it for a couple pictures and a link to the how-to.



Inside Programmable Road Signs [i-hacked]

Thanks to Jason, who hacked "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" and had like a hundred chicks accept. Ah, polygamy.

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