Sure, Why Not?: Philips Making 21:9 TV

January 19, 2009


The 56" Philips Cinema Widescreen LCD is a 21:9 television hitting the streets of selected countries next month. If you want one you can pay an arm and a kidney and watch movies in the proper 21:9 aspect ratio without black barring it. If you don't want one, forget you ever read this and save that precious brain-space for something useful. Like a tv theme song! Which reminds me -- "thank you for being a friend..." Haha, marinate on that one all afternoon, suckers!

philips cinema 21:9 ultra widescreen perfect for movie snobs [technabob]

Thanks to Julian, who who thought about getting one until he realized he owned a movie theater. An adult movie theater. No, that's not creepy.

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