Sure, Why Not?: Dude Laser Etches All The Levels Of Super Mario Land Onto His Eee Pc

January 21, 2009


Remember Super Mario Land for the Gameboy? Yeah, that shit was hard. Well Flickr user revolvingdork went and laser etched the top of his Eee PC with the entire freaking game.

Everything from the familiar layouts of 1-1 to the climactic battle with Tatanga in the clouds at the end of 4-3 is represented in the etching.

This was made possible with the laser cutter at NYC Resistor in Brooklyn, where you can go to get your laptop etched too!

I set the laser in raster mode at 70% speed and 40% power to achieve this look.

There you have it folks, now get out there and laser-etch your laptops! Except for best results I recommend setting the laser for 1% speed and 100% power. Just trust me -- if your computer catches fire, it's working.

Hit the jump for a closeup in which you can really appreciate the detail.



Laser Etched Laptop

Thanks to Emode, who once etched a laptop with his own urine because the dude drinks battery acid and you don't want to f*** with him.

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