Special Ring Counts How Much You Love

January 24, 2009


This isn't just any ring, it's a special one -- for your penis. Makes the perfect engagement ring for when your member decides to finally tie the knot with Ms. Hand.

A stretchy, orgasm-enhancing ring that actually counts your BPM - otherwise known as Bonks Per Minute! Slide the ring over your penis and enjoy a longer, harder erection as well as the fun of knowing how many times you've thrust per session!

That's right, you just slip your junk in there, have some sex, and it counts how many thrusts you complete before disappointing your partner. In my case six, give or take four (take four).

Hit the jump for two more views and a link to the NSFW product site. Aaaaaaand I'm spent.



Product Site

Thanks to Jully, who, despite my insistence that I could reset the counter at 99,999 and keep going, won't return my calls.

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