Pssst, Over Here: Cheap Knock-Off Brands

January 5, 2009


Knock-offs: they look like the real thing, but are bought out of the back of a skeezy guy's van for a quarter of the price and either break or explode within a week of purchase. Then, to make matters worse, the bastard isn't set up on the same street corner when you go to return the merchandise. What a sham! And speaking of which, I will now perform a magic trick -- Alakasham! Can you still see me? I'm supposed to be invisible. *entering women's locker room* "EEEEEEEEEEKK!!!!!!" Oh, oh shit.

Hit the jump for a few more knock-offs, including a chicken wearing the Colonel's tie.


10 Knock-offs That'll Knock Your Socks Off [mentalfloss]
Ten seriously bizarre knock-off "brand names." [core77]

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