Pre & Post Dump Weighing: The Toilet Scale

January 9, 2009


The Toilet Scale was designed by Haikun Deng so you can weigh yourself while using the john. Personally, I like to sit down while I pee. I'm not sure why I just shared that. Anway, the only problem is you have to make sure your feet aren't touching the ground while it's weighing, or it won't work. So you have to kick your legs out in front of you. Which, let's be honest, we all do anyways. One time I kicked the towel-bar off the wall! This scale is perfect for determining the weight of turds so you can brag to your friends about them later. Wow, a six pounder -- somebody call Guinness! Seriously, I think this warrants a free beer.

Hit the jump for another picture and a little comic of a rabbit sitting on a toilet, in case you've always wanted to see that.



The Toilet Scale For The Weight Conscious [youbentmywookie]

Thanks to Dave, who's worth his pre-dump weight in gold.

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