Who Knew?: Vader Drives A Sports Car

January 24, 2009


First we discovered Lotus Exiges are standard issue for Imperial Stormtroopers, and now that Vader blasts around in a little Ariel Atom. What next, JarJar in a septic truck? Or maybe an Ewok in a fur-covered Caddy with fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview? Oooh -- and a Princess Leia hula girl dancing in the back window. Which, be honest, the thought of just gave you a boner. Just saying, now accepting pre-orders.

Hit the jump for a picture of Vader's Stormtrooper pit crew, the identity of the Lotus Stormtrooper revealed (SPOILER: it's a hot chick!), and a Stormtrooper dryhumping his girlfriend.






Thanks to Syntax, Bilal, Richard, Andreas, Manwai, Spoonman, zach, steve, mr Iggles, Chopper, Anna and FLYrtBY, who were all on Vader's racing crew until he hit them coming in for a pit stop and they quit.

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