Own Every Famicom Game Ever Made

January 15, 2009


Own a Famicom? Want to own all 1,051 officially released games for less than $7 a pop? Well head on down to the Mandarake Complex in Japan and pick those suckers up for only 650,000 yen ($6,500).

Many people who pass by the Mandarake Complex stop for a few minutes, especially with friends or loved ones to reminisce about games they used to own or how they'd love to buy the whole collection.

Now you can! So do it. Then make wallets out of all the crappy games and send me one. Also, I think my mom still has my childhood rattail in an envelope somewhere if you're interested in that. I'll even throw in all my baby teeth if the price is right.

Entire Famicom collection going for only 650,000 yen! [destructoid]

Thanks to MoD, who saved himself $6,500 and downloaded an emulator.

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