Oooooh, Gamey: The Joystick Coat Rack

January 9, 2009


HangUP Arcade Coat Hooks by Surface Tension are made out of real arcade joysticks and buttons and conveniently store your coat or jacket up and out of bong's way.

Coming sometime early this year, they'll be available in 3UP and 4UP versions. You can pick your own joystick ball colors too. The standard models will ship in black walnut wood, but they're happy to take custom orders for other materials too.

Alternatively, go apeshit at the arcade and rip off a joystick and a couple buttons. Then, screw those bitches to a piece of plywood, and presto: junk. But not in your trunk -- in your foyer. Was that too sexy?

arcade joystick coat hangers: control your clutter [technabob]

Thanks to Riki Kiki Taco, who doesn't need a coat rack because she only wears win.

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