No, No, No, We Don't Pierce The Kitties!

January 23, 2009


Holly Crawford is a 34-year old sadistic dog groomer that decided to pierce the ears, necks, and tails of some cats and sell them as "gothic cats" on the interwebs. After being tipped off by PETA, her home was raided and she was arrested.

She defended herself saying that she did not see any difference between piercing a cat and piercing a human. She said she used sterile needles and surgical soap and that she checked the kittens several times a day to make sure they were healing properly.

Crawford said her dog-grooming business, Pawside Parlor, has plummeted since the raid and that she has received dozens of nasty phone calls.

Piercing pets -- what the f*** is wrong with people? Please discuss. And as a guy with a Prince Albert piercing myself, I've got to admit: sometimes I pee two streams.

'Gothic' pierced cats sold online [thesun]

Thanks to Kathryn, who knows kitties are for loving, not piercing.

  • ZomBBombeR

    Yeah I think it can be agreed upon here that certain things we do to animals against their will are truely for their own benefit, however if my daughter doesn't want a piercing I wouldn't force her to have one that being said how does one ask an animal if it'd like to be hip and down with the in crowd? You can't, and therefore becuase you don't know if they care or want it or not you shouldn't do it period.

  • CynicalChristian

    Personally, I have little problem with the piercing existing, but I have a huge problem with leaving metal that can get caught on things that would tear the piercing open. Cats are far too curious a creature to leave metal in.

  • Duane Drew

    ok so this wrong but its ok to crop dogs ears lol wtf

  • CynicalChristian

    Cropping off a dog's ears has a medicinal benefit.  One of our pit bulls, as she got older, showed more and more signs of being allergic to almost anything.  Somehow, the front and back of her ear had separated, due to allergens, leaving fluid to build up between the two layers.  Eventually the damage solidified, causing her damaged ears to droop and cover the ear drum.  At that point, to keep her ear canal clean was honestly a daily chore, and my father swore the next time he bought a red pit bull (more prone to allergic reactions) , he was getting the ear cropped due to sanitary issues.

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