Mom Unplugs XBox, Kid Assaults With Taco

January 19, 2009


The latest in a string of culinary assaults, Zachary Moir (now to be known as the taco tosser. Or, if he ends up doing time, the taco salad tosser) assaulted his mother with a delicious, meat-filled tortilla.

When he refused to stop playing his X-box and come down for dinner, Dena Moir says she went upstairs and unplugged the game, that's when she says Zachary pushed her and called her a bad name...A few minutes later Dena says she was in the kitchen cleaning and cooking tacos for dinner when Zachary showed up. That's when she says he slapped her arm and threw a taco in her face.

Wow, Zachary, I can understand you not wanting to eat since you're already so full of fail, but tacos are delicious you freaking idiot.

Big Shot Allegedly Throws Taco at Mommy for Unplugging Xbox [gizmodo]

Thanks to Frostee, who almost threw a churro at his grandmother for having the television volume up so loud, but ate it instead.

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