Mmmm, Sacky: A Delectable Sack Boy Cake

January 23, 2009


I remember being super freaking excited about the release of Little Big Planet, but I ended up never buying it because I made my own Sack Boy out of a potpourri sachet and he's about as much fun and odoriferous as I can stand. Well Geekologie reader Kelli made her own Sack Boy as well -- in cake form!

I made the cake for my friend Marchelo's birthday dinner last night, and everyone loved it! It was a basic lemon pudding cake with chocolate fudge frosting, all in all 2.5 cakes and 3 cans of frosting went into this creation!

Now I know what you're thinking, "my God, I want to gobble that sack", and believe me -- I'm right there with you.

Hit the jump for a bunch more, including some of the build, along with a link to a larger gallery.






Sack Boy Cake Adventure [picasa]

Thanks Kelli, and remember: it's never too early to start planning my cake.

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