Mmmm, I'd Eat Him: Windwaker Link Bento

January 23, 2009


Mmmm, bento: artsy AND delicious. Throw some Zelda up in the mix and, hello, side of lust! This particular box was made by anna the red, who was also responsible for some of the other ridiculous bento we've seen in the past.

I first thought of making Link on his boat, but there was too much blue... so I gave up. I love when Link raises his hand in the air and strikes a poise when finds an item, so I decided to make Toon Link in the forest, finding a piece of heart.

Freaking amazing -- it really looks too good to eat!

UPDATE, TWO WEEKS LATER: Probably should have, Link's getting hairy. And, oh God -- *HORF* musky.

Hit the jump for closeups.





bento#28 Toon Link

Thanks to Snowpup, who buys everything I post because I am lord of the interwebz. Advertisers, take note.

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