Light Saber Umbrellas: Battle Sith Lords, Women And Wetness At The Same Time

January 28, 2009


These $40 Light Saber Umbrellas are the first to combine the coolness of staying dry when it's raining with the incredible sadness of wielding a nonfunctional lightsaber out in public. That said, I take mine everywhere. Wow, is it just me or is it raining lady-killer in here?*

*It's just me. Come get some, beautiful.

Hit the jump for several more pictures of the awesome. Also, when rain hits a lightsaber does it crackle and pop like a bug-zapper? That's what I imagine.

UPDATE: Bladerunner Umbrellas, not Star Wars. What, can you blame a guy for drinking?





Light Saber Umbrella - LED and rain protector together at last [redferret]

Thanks to Alexander, who doesn't need an LED flashlight to light up the night -- he glows because he was exposed to radiation as a child.

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