It's So Haaaaard To Say Goodbyeeeee To Yesterdaaaaaay: The Shredder Calendar

January 12, 2009


The Chrono-Shredder is a wall calendar designed by Susanna Hertrich that shreds the days as they pass. It takes a full 24-hours to shred a date, but only 10 minutes to run a dead hooker through a wood-chipper.

The Chrono-Shredder is a device that reminds us of the preciousness of our lifetime. It represents the passing of time by shredding the days of the year - printed on a paper roll - at a slow constant rate. To shred one day takes 24 hours. There is no "off"-button. As the seconds pass by, the tattered remains of the past pile up under the device...

Neat. Holler at 'ol Susanna (who cries for no one) if you can help manufacture them. Because I need one in a bad way -- I never have any idea what day it is. All I know is we've got an election coming up -- and then Jesus' birthday! WOOT!

Hit the jump for a picture of the mess the calendar makes.


The Hibernation Calendar [ryanyeah]

Thanks to Lee, who doesn't need to know what day it is because he can control time.

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