It's Like Bathing In The Forest!: The Moss Mat

January 28, 2009


Moss is like nature's carpet that never has to be vacuumed. So why not bring a little of the outdoors in with a mossy bathmat?

Nguyen La Chanh's ingenious design is made from a decay-free foam called plastazote, and populated with three varieties of moss: ball, island, and forest. Maintenance required for this little patch of green is limited, as the moss thrives off of the humidity released from daily bathroom rituals.

I want one. I just question how much traffic the mat can stand. Granted, that wouldn't be a problem for me -- I only shower bi-weekly. It's called cologne, folks, and I'm saving the planet one less shower at a time.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures.



Living Moss Carpet Adds a Touch of Green to Your Bathroom

Thanks to Melissa, who doesn't need a bathmat because she's an elf princess and only bathes in the sacred fountain of beauty, which has naturally moss-lined banks.

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