It's A Trap!: Homemade Star Wars Clocks

January 3, 2009


Etsy seller YOUgNeek is selling custom-made Star Wars clocks for $90 a pop. I've got the feeling it's a trap, but I can't prove it. Just to be safe, I paid for mine with marked Monopoly money.

This beautiful clear and chrome Sterling and Noble clock boasts 12 vintage classic Action Fleet Micro Machine battleships and vessels. They are finished in a pewter color. Each Star Wars Starships and Fighters clock is YOU gNeek and one-of-a-kind. If you have some favorite ships or vehicles in mind, let me know so I can include them if I have them in stock. Time to do battle! Requires one AA battery (not included - I use to include them but it made shipping more expensive a couple times).

Also the middle Star Wars label in the middle of the clock is optional and can also look different (it is cut out of books or boxes etc and layered with a resin-type coating).

Wow, $90 for a couple Micro Machines and a piece of cereal box glued to a silver wall penis. Talk about a racket. And speaking of rackets: racquetball. I own at that shit. Ha, I did type wall penis up there, didn't I? It's my prerogative! You think nobody gets drunk this early on a Saturday morning but you're wrong! Freud, I slipped! Now gimme kissies you little coke whore you!

Star Wars clock, proof that The Force is not with you [dvice]

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