Eye Candy: A 1,474 Megapixel Inauguration Photo With Sweet Zoom-In Capabilities

January 25, 2009


Oh man, you can actually zoom in on faces in the audience and see the snot dripping.

But what you're looking at is not a single image. The photo, which was shot using a Canon G10 and Gigapan Imager, is comprised of over 200 different shots that were then combined over the course of six hours using Gigapan software. The final product has a resolution of 1,474 megapixels and a TIF file size of almost 2 gigabytes

Pretty freaking awesome. So go HERE to explore the image for yourself. It's fun, I spent the better part of five minutes celebrity-hunting in the audience. Thought I spotted Oprah, but it was just some no-name with a turkey drumstick.

Fullscreen Inauguration Gigapan Viewer
Panaramic Inaugural Photo [ign]

Thanks to Matt and Hanes, who were both invited to the inauguration but fell in the reflecting pool and had to go home and change clothes, missing it.

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