Exclusive Follow Up: A Match Made In Halo

January 28, 2009


Remember Desirai Labrada and John Henry, the couple that met playing Halo and planned on getting married this month in a Halo-themed wedding at Otronicon? Well they did it folks, the couple is how happily married and PEW PEWing away to their hearts content together.

The ceremony started just after 1 p.m. in the Science Center's theater. Onstage, a screenshot from Ivory Tower, one of the wedding couple's favorite "Halo" levels, was projected, and a string quartet played songs from the game's soundtrack. Atop an incline of stadium seating, Master Chief began his walk down to the stage followed by John and his groomsmen, their ties marked with the winged-sword emblem of John's "Halo" character. Bridesmaids -- including a matron of honor who just months before had confessed that she didn't know who Master Chief was -- proceeded to their positions. And then, instead of "Here Comes the Bride," Desirai entered to the dramatic score of the "Halo" menu music.

Awesome. Congratulations Desirai and John, Geekologie wishes you the best and many kills to come. Also, I've been inspired to have my own video-game themed wedding the next time I get married. Zelda all the way, baby. Isn't that right honey? Honey? Goddammit.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures, a video, and some exclusive insight into the awesomeness provided by my bridesmaid tipster, evilcharismatic.






The Halo wedding is (finally) over, and here is your update, as promised! Sorry it took me a week to write you, I was waiting for the douchebag photographer to release his photos, but that apparently isn't going to happen for some time. I do, however, have a couple links with pictures, so yay! Also, some wedding highlights:

--Being a good bridesmaid, I brought orange juice and champagne for breakfast (we had to be there at 9-freaking-AM for a 1PM wedding). I mean, it's the most important meal of the day, right?! Needless to say, Desirai and I were in high spirits for most of the morning.

--The ceremony was beautiful. Even though it feels strange to describe something including Master Chief as beautiful. There were a few problems reciting the vows because it was hard as hell to understand what Master Chief was saying through his helmet, even with a microphone, but it worked out. The auditorium was packed, and it was super cool to hear everyone cheer when Desirai and John were pronounced "teammates for life".

--Master Chief was awesome! I secretly thought he might be a little cheesy, but that was definitely not the case. There were also some yummy Orbital Drop Shock Trooper dudes (I have no idea what that means, I had to google it just now. Did I ever mention I'm not a gamer?), and they spent the morning getting dressed right outside of our green room. Good times!

--Man, was the photographer a jackass. Some of his finer moments include calling my date a slut, making weird and creepy comments to Desirai's grandmother about John grabbing her butt, and completely highjacking every traditional wedding moment by grabbing John and Desirai to pose them for his crap-ass pictures. I'm really not very fond of this guy. Probably why I'm scowling in all of his shots.

--Hmmm, I know there has to be more than four highlights. What a crazy, stressful day! Nobody knew what anyone else was doing, resulting in delightful moments like me almost being sent up on stage too early, and later getting yelled at for being in the MTV interview area after I was led there for the purpose of being interviewed (which never happened, sadly. I had all kinds of fun stuff I wanted to say).

So, it was a pretty awesome day, and even more so when we were finally able to go back to Desirai's and open her presents. The best one was definitely the cotton candy machine, given by yours truly (so my opinion may be a little biased). From what I've heard, the story is going to hit MTV on Monday (1/26), probably in the form of an MTV News clip, and will run for about a week. Of course, this information could be totally wrong, for the aforementioned reason of nobody knowing what the hell is going on.

Inside The 'Halo' Wedding [mtv]

Thanks to Killik and bridesmaid evilcharismatic, who are both invited to my Zelda wedding, even if I end up marrying myself. Which I am totally not ashamed of.

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