Cows With Holes Directly To Their Stomachs

January 20, 2009


And I'm not talking about their mouths either! Or assholes. I'm talking hole holes, like, holy shit(!), that cow has a freaking hole in it!

These cows have been given a fistula, a hole directly into the stomach that scientists can reach into and study to see how certain foods get digested. Through this kind of work, better food can be concocted and studies into stomach cancer and other problems can be conducted. Although it looks inhumane, the cows don't seem to mind.

*HORF* You know, now that I think about it, I think they had a cow like this at Virginia Tech when I was there. Of course, I never saw it because I wasn't allowed anywhere near the animal husbandry department. Funny story -- did you know sheep can file restraining orders?

Hit the jump for some even more disturbing imagery.





HOLY COW! [slightlywarped]

Thanks to MLou, who can unscrew her bellybutton.

  • Kelsi Kouture


  • Dennis Angelo

    to be fair, they should do this on humans too

  • O'Really

    "The cows don't seem to mind"? Exactly how do you find out from a cow whether it minds having a hole cut into its side? I'm sure these animals are always asked about whether they'd rather be living freely or stand around in buildings being artificially inseminated, perpetually milked and used as science experiments. For obvious reasons, they choose the latter.

  • Beverly VanBuren

    I say that this world is the only Hell that any of us needs to fear and this is one good example. The inhumanity of the would be gods is astounding. Does every living thing serve his purpose? Not This goddess.

  • TriCutNinja

    Guys, not just cows have these fistulas... I have seen several cases where HUMANS were given fistulas. One such case was a woman who was shot in combat, a doctor wanted her permission to heal the wound but leave it open so he could study it and she said yes. The woman was completely fine after the procedure, felt no pain, and the hole was covered by a "flap" of skin.

    Now I'm not saying that this should be done to the cows, bc even with humans thats pretty fking gross. The point is the cows aren't being treated as lesser beings, if humans have done the same.

    (I'd put a source here, but I can't seem t find it bc it was a long time ago, srry)

  • O'Really

    Did the cows give their consent?

  • Roseann Stapff

    FUCKING EVIL and PURE SICK...if only we can do that to humans?? ..what a wonderful world it would be...

  • Fred Haro

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  • Massimiliano Marelli

    human slowly are scratching the ground whenre you falled already long time ago... but hopefully you will dissolve yrselves like an ice cream to the sun in very few year since now... Total extinction of human being is only way for the it or not this will happen very very soon... enjoy in the while... with yr sick beaviohur..

  • Francesca Santaniello

    Is anyone familiar with ethics?

  • James Payne

    Genesis 1:26 Elonnichole

  • Norma Burke

    I can remember back in the 1970s, you could drive through Beltsville Farms, actually we used this as a sort of shortcut to get around the local traffic, and the research facility cows would be grazing in the fenced in fields. These cows had black rubber fistules. on their sides. I didn't quite know just what to think about it when I first saw it but when I think it through, it makes sense. The image of the child is not disturbing to me...his family probably is accepting to these things. I was telling people that I know about this and they found it really difficult to believe. Thank for posting the images.

  • kenus

    This is sick...This thing is all because of The society and industry of companies.
    to reduce risk of food. As long as Our human industry is developing, and reducing it will be more cruel...

  • ashley white

    Immoral, disgusting, careerist-driven bullshit research

  • Arizelle


    I'm way late to post to this discussion, but aside from an ethical standpoint I think this is a great example of why animal experiments aren't only not necessary but actually harmful to advancing research for humans.

  • Azucar Cakes

    disgusting... im vegetarian forever...

  • Γιώργος

    I like how you vegetarians have convinced yourselves that plants are not the same type of live beings as cows, sheep etc.

    I totally agree with your choice if it is about energy reasons.
    But to be vegetarian in order not to kill cows etc, please.....

  • Peri Ebeid

    Having a hole like this can cause inflammations and other problems, how can you manage to secure the animal from all of this? Does it hurt the cows? It seems so painful and uncomfortable !

  • osa-polar

    Not Cool :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(............

  • all those with a mindset, they are just cows, etc, are not gonna fare well on judgement day. We are part of nature, not above it.

  • James Payne

    Genesis 1:26 ....

  • Jadis

    Genesis 2:15

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