Augmented Reality Coming To LEGO Retailers

January 30, 2009


We've already seen several examples of augmented reality here on Geekologie. Some sexier than others. And now the technology may be coming to everybody's favorite modular plastic blocks -- LEGO!

LEGO will apparently be rolling out these new 'Digital Box' kiosks to select toyshops around the world that allow you to see a 3D representation of what the LEGO model looks like when fully assembled. The kiosk uses a built-in video camera and custom augmented reality software developed by a German company called Metaio, and because the model exists in 3D, you're able to interactively turn and move it around to see it from all sides.

Sweet! I've always had trouble telling what a LEGO set will look like when it's finished because I usually end up with a belly full few pieces. So this won't help at all. But still, they should use this technology for something more practical -- like microwaveable meals. Am I right? Yes, now hit the jump to see my lunch.


Augment that, suckers!

LEGO's Digital Box Kiosks Use Augmented Reality To Bring The Models To Life [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Smarmy and Mes, who already know what a LEGO set will look like before its complete because they're from the future.

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