Another Day, Another Zelda Theme Song

January 15, 2009

Remember the Zelda theme played by the guy with the hats? Well this isn't him, it's some other Zelda fan (who, it goes without saying, isn't as big a fan, or asshole, as yours truly) playing the theme to Wind Waker on a guitar, accordion, some glasses, a baking pan, a little drum, two different kinds of skinflute, and maybe some other stuff. And in even more exciting news, this article, according to my latest tally, makes two Zelda-themed posts today! *alarm going off* Oh, you know what that sound means -- one of you lucky readers wins a prize! And today's prize is....getting to call 911 -- my apartment's on fire.


Thanks to Tony, a one-man band with more groupies than you can shake a drum stick at. Or a thigh.

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