Will You Marry Me?: Another Pokeman Fanatic

December 8, 2008


As many of you probably don't know because I'm just now making it up, I love Pokemon. Pikachu, that lovable little electric turd, really does something to me. Something deep down in my heart, near the cockles. And I just found out I'm not the only one! That's right, this crazy chick is even more Pokemontastic than yours truly. And that's saying a lot (reference legally changing name and having sex with a stuffed animal). Just check out all that crap! That's a lot of crap! Hit the link to see even more, including a decked out Pokemon car! WTF! Amazingly, this woman can probably still have sex in that room, so why can't I? I show a girl my bedroom (aka Pikachu's Pleasure Dome) and she's running for the door almost as soon as the Pokemon theme starts playing. Can somebody say double standard? And also, double bed. Just saying, Pikachu sheets. Ladies?

Hit the jump for more of what even weekly meetings can't help.







Poke-maniac [toomuchfree-time]

Thanks to Stephen, who knows the only cool collection is a bunch of liquor bottles you drank and then filled up with water and highlighter so they glow under blacklight.

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