Whee!: Wii On eBay, Star Wars Themed It Is

December 18, 2008


Somebody is auctioning off a custom painted Star Wars Wii on eBay for five hundred pieces o' eight. It comes with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, but not when you call it.

This Wii Features:

· Custom Black Case!
· Eighty-Five (85) Fiber Optic Stars
· Some Stars Fade In and Out
· Custom, Red Light Bar!! Which looks like its breathing!
· Hand Painted Death Star, X-Wing, and Darth Vader Tie-Fighter!
· Star Wars Logo in Brass!! Backlit with Yellow LED's!
· You Can Change the Fading mode to Constant ON!
· Wiimote and Nunchuk have Custom Red LED Lights in them!!

Eh, I guess. But speaking of The Force Unleashed, I just tore the zipper off my pants. Ladies? Oh come on, I even glued a little Ewok fur to my chest.

Hit it for a picture of the controllers and a closeup of the art.



eBay Auction

Star Wars Wii mod realizes very few of our childhood dreams [engadget]

Thanks to Julian, who once unleashed his force and broke a window. A neighbor's window.

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