Sexy Kinetic Dresses Respond To Stimuli

December 29, 2008

Walking City is a fashion collection by designer Ying Gao that includes three dresses that respond to different stimuli. The one in this video has a proximity detector. So when you get near it starts opening its little flower-looking accouterments. Pretty freaky looking. There's another video after the jump of a dress that blows itself up whenever a wind sensor is set off. The third one sucks so I'm not going to mention it. Sadly, none are as cool as the dress that turns into a naked woman. Which, as far as fashion goes, is the boner.

Hit it for the other one.

"Walking City" kinetic dresses [electricfoxy]

Thanks to Corey, who knows the sexiest dress is the one on the floor beside his bed. HIYO!

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