Yes Please!: A Sweet Chainsaw Bayonet

December 1, 2008


So I was out shooting the ol' shotgun the other day, and I thought to myself, "self, could blasting the hell out of this stump get any more awesome?" And the answer, dear reader, is yes, a chainsaw bayonet would have totally made it awesomer. PEW PEW, BRUUUM BRUUUM BR BR BRUUUM!! Oh yeah, that's the stuff. The stuff of boners.

Hit the jump to see a picture of the saw mounted on a shotgun, along with a video of a guy terrorizing pumpkins with the AR-15/saw combo. Fun for all ages!


Bayonets are so 2007 [thefirearmblog]

Thanks to Mars, who will likely remain a planet despite the whole Pluto debacle.

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