Ooooh, Stoplight-y!: The Kisai Tenmetsu

December 9, 2008


The Kisai Tenmetsu is the latest in wrist bad-assery available from Tokyoflash. It's a definite departure from a lot of the other designs.

Three LEDs positioned beneath each lens allow a transition between LED colors creating a look never before seen. A continuous line running between the lenses and through the wrist band provides perfect balance and a sweeping animation effect adds character to the design.

The time is displayed in two stages: hours, then minutes. Red LEDs are 15 units of time, amber 5, and green 1. Add them together to find out the time. Adding is fun! The Tenmetsu is available now in both black and silver, and will set you back $257. And contrary to popular belief, no, Tokyoflash does not pay my bills. I blog for no one. Well, that's not entirely true, you see, I blog for Jesus, folks. And, okay, loose women. Isn't that right ladies? Oh, come on -- free chocolate!

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