Microsoft 'Software', A New Clothing Line

December 10, 2008


Yes, for real. Microsoft is launching a clothing line named Software. I don't get the pun, but I'm sure it's funny. Hit the jump for three more available styles, all of which have a retro feel to them (including Bill's mugshot). So -- who's buying? Anybody? Apparently this is all part of Microsoft's new marketing campaign. But, I've got to tell you, Microsoft: your marketing dollars would go a lot further if you just bought up all the advertising space on Geekologie. And also, hired me as your spokesperson. Check out this new slogan I've been working on:

Microsoft - Macrohard when you need it to be.

BOOYA! That was a freebie, the rest you'll have to pay for.

Hit it for the other shirts.




Official Site

Thanks to Fally, who's not interested, and Jaimie "who's stupid enough to pay a lot of money for microsoft shirts that can probably be bought for $5 elsewhere."

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