Man, AKA The Cheeseburglar, Assaults Girlfriend With Cheesy Deliciousness

December 7, 2008


Vincent Gonzalez assaulted his girlfriend with a cheeseburger. He's currently in the slammer with charges of battery, domestic violence and destruction of deliciousness.

The victim told sheriff's deputies that she was eating with boyfriend Vincent Gonzales in her car when the two began arguing. When she threw his drink out of the car window, he retaliated by hitting her in the face with a cheeseburger. He then pulled her from the car and struck her with the sandwich several more times.

Vincent, you stupid f***. Hands (and burgers) off women. I swear, I have a good mind to beat you within inches of your life with a footlong meatball sub. Eat fresh, bitch!

Man behind bars after hitting woman in face with cheeseburger [kare11]

Thanks to ...In America!, who once hit Canada! with a chili dog.

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