Just Plain Classy: Crown Royal Bag Quilts

December 17, 2008


My brother Frank knows classy shit when he sees it, and this is living proof. Personally, I can't remember the last time I had 100 Crown Royal bags, but that's because I drink too much. Did that make any sense? It shouldn't have, I've been drinking. For $350 ebay seller misteria0 will quilt you up some warmth in the form of stitched-together Crown Royal bags (for those of you that don't know, each bottle of Crown Royal comes its own little embroidered velvety bag). Quilts come in both 100+ bag and 150+ bag options, and are sure to keep you toasty on a cold winter's night. Alternatively, drink heavily and set yourself on fire. Ha, or turn the heat up you cheap f***er!

Hit the jump for a blurry closeup of the quality stitching.


eBay Auction

Thanks to my brother Frank, who can spot class from a mile away because the man has laser eyes and will burn a hole in your skull if you look at him wrong. But, if his laser eyes are malfunctioning, I'll choke you out for him. And God knows what we're gonna do to you.

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